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Wild About Music Inc. is the world’s first and only art and gift gallery dedicated entirely to music.

Visit us for thousands of gift items, original artwork and apparel entirely dedicated to music. We are proud to be dealer for Luna & Dean guitars and ukuleles as well as unique and handmade music accessories. We are in our 25th year of operation bringing the spirit of music and its celebration in art and gifts to musicians and music lovers worldwide.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Shirt

SRV and Double Trouble T-Shirt

Make Your Own Ukulele Kit

Make Your Own Ukulele

Orange 20ft Cable

Fender Mini Tonemaster Amp

Drumstick Mixing Spoons

Drumstick Mix Stix

Live Music Capital Specialists

Looking for live music suggestions? Ask our staff for recommendations! We enjoy sharing our knowledge and making sure you leave Austin with some great memories (and maybe a shirt or two).

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Specializing in backstock inventory, Quincy spent most of his days hiding in the back or monitoring the front door while sitting on the steps.


Jeffrey handled quality control of clothing by sleeping on them to test their comfort. He also liked to spook customers by hiding in the pillows.


Our current Cat in Residence, Louis assists with shipping and can frequently be found napping by the register. He loves hugs and lazer pointers.